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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Warlord: Temple of Lore preview


Also, Chris and Laurence have written a bit since our last frontpage update, Todd, in his new role as Legend of the Five Rings brand manager, has given us some new artwork, and Jeremiah has written his GenCon report.

Laura has now taken on the role of Story LEad for Warlord, so, given that I'm busy, I'll need a new assistant editor. Knowledge of Warlord, AEG generally a must, PHP useful, styling Wordpress themes would be very very cool. (Yes, I'll be switching CMS to make running the site easier at some point this autumn).

Also? I manged to get to a tournament last weekend. I borrowed a deck made by Chris. 12 players, which is a great turnout for Barnstable (small town on the coast of North Devon), Chris took first, as usual, Laurence 4th, and I took 3rd. Very impressed with the Epic environment, and loving the tricks the Dwarves can play with items.