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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Follow the Leader to the Roleplay

Did I mention there's a Roleplay section? It's going to cover all sorts of Roleplay, from D&D, Deadlands and of course the Warlord RPG through to the esoteric realms of Live Action World of Darkness - no, I don't get the appeal either, but then, I play with toy soldiers regularly at the age of 31, so I can hardly talk. I've asked my good friend Mark to run it for me, and have a few people lined up to write for it.

I was going to set it up over the weekend coming, but I got an email asking if he could contribute stuff for it. Mr Mike Leader himself. Poor boy thinks he's David Tennant. Go remind him he's not?

ps admin note. Each main section will have editors, who can write to the front page, brief posts (this one is a little long but we're new), saying "X has a good article here", etc. There are also columnists, etc. Some of the columnists will write stuff for many different games, others are, for example, Warlord specific. If Jeremiah writes a good Warlord article, one of the editors will put up a post saying so in the Warlord section, so if oyu only want to read Warlord stuff, you can subscribe to just the Warlord feeds (when they're set up), for example. Also, the TaKtiX blogger id is mostly me, but when I write, I'll try to do so as MatGB, but it'll depend who I'm logged in as...


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